We are thrilled to welcome our newest addition to the team, Laura Moser from the University of Regensburg in Germany. Laura was previously working in the lab of Matthias Edinger & Petra Hoffmann, where she conducted experimental thesis work on engineering regulatory T cells as an adoptive cellular therapy for GvHD. As a pediatric resident at the University Hospital Frankfurt her clinical work in the department of Stem Cell Transplantation & Immunology of Peter Bader focused on adoptive cellular therapies including CAR-T cell therapy. In the lab of Eva Rettinger she has investigated cytokine-induced killer cells as effector cells for CAR engineering in solid tumors. As a post-doc in the Satpathy lab she will continue her research in pediatric immunotherapy, exploring the diversity of immune effector cells and their trajectories to enhance the effectiveness of targeted immunotherapies in solid tumors.