Caleb featured on Forbes 30 under 30

Congratulations to Caleb for making the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2022! Read more here:

10 December 2021

The Satpathy Lab is part of the IGVF Consortium

We are excited to be part of the Impact of Genomic Variation on Function (IGVF) Consortium as the Single-cell Mapping Center for Human Regulatory Elements and Gene Activity! IGVF is a research consortium that will bring investigators together in a highly collaborative effort to examine how genomes function, how genome function shapes phenotypes, and how […]

7 October 2021

Kamir named a Stanford Propel Scholar and a Stanford Postdoc JEDI Champion

Congratulations to Kamir on being selected in the first class of Stanford Propel Scholars and receiving the Stanford Postdoc JEDI Champion Award! We are grateful for your commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the scientific community. The mission of the Stanford Propel Scholars program is to recruit and develop a distinguished group of postdoctoral […]

21 September 2021

Caleb featured in 10x Genomic’s Innovator Series

Caleb and his work on mitochondrial single-cell ATAC-seq (mtscATAC-seq) was recently featured in the inaugural article of 10x Genomic’s new Innovator Series. The piece highlights some of the technical advances made to ATAC-seq in order to enable mtDNA capture, as well as its application to performing clonal lineage tracing in leukemia and beyond. Read the […]

26 August 2021

Review of TCR sequencing technologies in Nature Methods

Congratulations to Joy on her review of high-throughput and single cell TCR and multi-modal sequencing methods and how they have been applied to understanding immune responses! Read the review here:

19 July 2021

Katie defends her thesis!

Congratulations to Katie for successfully defending her thesis! It has been an absolute pleasure having her in the lab and we wish her all the best as she continues on to her postdoc position and beyond.

Paper on STAT3 mutation in type 1 diabetes out in JEM

Great work by Julia and Quanming in collaboration with the Anderson and Gardner Labs, using single-cell genomics to understand the mechanism of STAT3 mutation in human type 1 diabetes. Read the paper here:

17 June 2021

Two previews out now in Molecular Cell and Cancer Immunology Research!

Congratulations to Kate and Bence for writing a great preview of the work by Pritykin et al.1 describing a comprehensive chromatin accessibility atlas of CD8+ T cell dysfunction. Read more in their preview published in Mol Cell here ( Great job to Winnie on her preview of Aoki et al.2 regarding T cell repertoire remodeling […]

10 June 2021

New perspective out in Science now!

Congratulations to Katie for her amazing perspective on T cells in cancer immunotherapy. Check out the perspective here.

10 April 2021