Two previews out now in Molecular Cell and Cancer Immunology Research!

Congratulations to Kate and Bence for writing a great preview of the work by Pritykin et al.1 describing a comprehensive chromatin accessibility atlas of CD8+ T cell dysfunction. Read more in their preview published in Mol Cell here ( Great job to Winnie on her preview of Aoki et al.2 regarding T cell repertoire remodeling […]

10 June 2021

New perspective out in Science now!

Congratulations to Katie for her amazing perspective on T cells in cancer immunotherapy. Check out the perspective here.

10 April 2021

New CAR-T cell paper out in Science now!

Congratulations to Julia, Bence, Kate, Kevin, and Yanyan for their work on epigenetic remodeling of exhausted CAR-T cells in collaboration with the Mackall and Chang labs. Read more about their work here!

2 April 2021

CRISPR review published in Trends in Immunology!

Great job to Frank for putting together this wonderful review on CRISPR technologies and their applications to studying the immune system and cancer! Read more here.

31 March 2021

Welcome to Christie and Meelad!

We are excited that they have decided to join the lab! Christie and Meelad are both PhD students in the Immunology program.

19 March 2021

New paper on XIST inactivation in B cells out in Cell now!

Congratulations to Yanyan and Quanming on their great work in collaboration with the Chang Lab.

17 March 2021

Congratulations to Danny for taking a position as Senior Vice President of Strategic Research at Immunai!

We look forward to continuing collaborative projects together. And congratulations to the Immunai team on raising their Series A!

16 March 2021

New SARS-CoV2 paper out in Cell!

Congratulations to Ryan, Julia, Yanyan, Aditi, Quanming, and Kevin for their great work using ChIRP-MS to identify SARS-CoV2 RNA-host protein interactions in collaboration with the Bertozzi, Carette, and Chang labs at Stanford and the Wilen and Horvath labs at Yale. Read more about their work here. (

11 March 2021