Two new publications: Cell and Molecular Cell!

In the past two days there have been two new exciting publications! December 13th the paper resulting from collaboration between our lab and the Chang Lab was published in Cell featuring the work of Bingfei and Quanming! Check out this paper, titled “Engineered cell entry links receptor biology with single-cell genomics” HERE. December 14th a […]

14 December 2022

Collaboration with Mackall Lab leads to Science Publication

Check out this recent publication in Science which was the result of a great collaboration with the Mackall Lab! Click here to learn more about the exciting genome-wide CRISPR screens on CAR T cells led by Katherine Freitas and Julia Belk.

13 December 2022

Nature Immunology Publication

Check out the lab’s most recent publication in Nature Immunology here! The title of the paper is “Divergent clonal differentiation trajectories of T cell exhaustion”. Incredible work by lab members Bence and Katie with help from Katalin, Yanyan, Kamir, Mollie, Colin, Quanming, Stefanie, and Julia. A great example of the result of great collaboration between […]

9 November 2022

Lab Member Joy presents at Cell Symposia in San Diego

Lab member Joy presented her work on T cells in San Diego at the Cell Symposia: Hallmarks of Cancer in October 2022.

1 November 2022

Single Cell Genomics Conference in the Netherlands

We had multiple lab members attend and present at the Single Cell Genomics conference in the Netherlands in October of 2022.

21 October 2022

First annual Satpathy Lab Retreat

We were so excited to have our first annual Satpathy Lab Retreat Monday, September 12th at Hotel el PRADO in Palo Alto, CA. The Lab Retreat featured talks from every lab member updating everyone on their current projects and collaborations! This Lab has grown tremendously in the past few years and expanded to multiple locations, […]

16 September 2022

Lab Members attended Gladstone Institutes Scientific Retreat 2022

Satpathy Lab members joined the Gladstone Institutes for their bi-annual retreat in beautiful Pacific Grove, California. It was great coming together with the greater scientific community at Gladstone to discuss science, share ideas, and get inspired. Caleb presented at the retreat, pictured below, and Madeline taught the first ever morning Beach Yoga class for attendees! […]

9 September 2022

Summer crew at the Stanford Blood Center

Theo Roth is leading research over at the Stanford Blood Center in Palo Alto. He has welcomed 3 summer undergraduate interns and in addition has since acquired 2 full time Research Associate’s. The group at Hillview primarily works on gene editing in primary immune cells.

31 August 2022

Latest Cancer Cell Journal features lab’s recent paper!

Check out the lab’s recent publication in Cancer Cell titled “Genome-wide CRISPR screens of T cell exhaustion identify chromatin remodeling factors that limit T cell persistence”! The journal cover depicts an artistic representation of our teams exciting CRISPR-based genome engineering work. You can see hands manipulating the human genome – meant to show the removal […]

12 July 2022

New preview on recent Immunity publication

Check out this preview from Laura Snell in regards to the lab’s recent publication in Immunity!

11 July 2022